I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

By Julie PH Last edited 123 months ago
I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

Fortunately, there are as yet no news reports of the sky tumbling down.

No, it wasn’t a case of a bad couple of pints you got at the pub yesterday evening, nor was it the magnitude of the moment you were sharing with that special someone – the earth literally did move last night.

Registering in at a 5.3, according to the British Geological Survey, it is the largest earthquake the UK has experienced since 1984. Centred in Lincolnshire but felt throughout much of England and parts of Wales, the quake started shortly before 1am and lasted a mere 10 seconds – long enough, however, to leave people – sorry – all shook up. With the exception of a man in South Yorkshire who suffered leg injuries when his chimney collapsed, all other reports fortunately seem to be of nothing more serious than shaken nerves.

Here at Londonist Towers, this Londonista was just slipping off into semiconsciousness and dreams of Never Never Land at the time of the quake. As the building rattled, we had the distinct thought, This sort of maybe feels like what an earthquake might feel like if I we had any idea what an earthquake would feel like (okay, so maybe it wasn’t so distinct). In the end, we just attributed the shaking to a really good party going on in the flat above ours. There are always really good parties going on at all hours of the night at Londonist Towers.

How about all of you out there? Did the earth move last night for our Londonist readers?

Shibboleth pic courtesy of I.chaplin’s flickrstream via the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 27 February 2008


Yep! I felt it, I just had finished watching a double bill of the mighty boosh on "Dave", and then it happened. Initially I thought our upstairs neighbours were looooove making, but when the whole building started to sway (i thought no ones that good) then serious subsidedance came to mind. I woke up my wife but by the time she came to, it was over. I didn't think it was an earthquake just because, I would have expected to find my living room 3 floors down water spurting from every pipe and people screaming in the street.
But still for old street it isn't a regular occurance.


had no idea...

Julie PH

Whoops! Just spotted a typo: That should be a 5.2 quake, not 5.3! Apologies. I wonder how much a tenth of a point makes in the feel of the tremors?


I didn't feel it, but I did hear it. I was half woken up by what I thought was an extremely unusual rattling sound just before 1am. But by the time I had woken up fully, it was all over... I had no idea that there had been an earthquake until I saw the news in the morning.