Extra, Extra

By Julie PH Last edited 132 months ago
Extra, Extra
  • Macabre London: First, man denies murdering model but admits to necrophilia; then a headless corpse turns up in northwest London. We find ourselves suspiciously eyeing other commuters on our Tube ride home this evening.
  • Corrupt London: We know that London is ranked first on all kinds of lovely lists. But we’d prefer to forgo the dubious distinction of being first in rates of debit and credit card fraud.
  • Tonally challenged London: Londonist thinks it’s discovered the reason behind London’s taste for slower music. Give the YouTube video a try.... It’s music like that that’s dragging us down, man.
  • Olympic London: British Airways become fourth official sponsor of 2012 games; Green Party sling mud at announcement.
  • We’d-politely-ask-that-you-kept-your-opinions-to-yourself London: Prince Andrew provokes ire for Super Tuesday-timed criticism.
  • Last Updated 06 February 2008