The Saturday Strangeness

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The Saturday Strangeness

37. London UFOs Part Three

The 40s were the start of something huge for ufology after pilot Kenneth Arnold observed nine disc-like craft over Washington in 1947.

For London, it was the 22nd of November when a female witness, whilst under hypnosis, spoke of being abducted by two silver suited females and put before a man who burned the figures ‘H6AQ’ onto her leg, which were still visible when she awoke from her trance.

On February 5th 1948 another UFO witness under hypnosis recalled being drawn towards a conical shaped craft, where she encountered a tall man and small, egg-headed beings. In July 1953, at an unnamed London location, a twelve-year old boy blacked out on a school trip. Under hypnosis he revealed that he’d seen a light in the sky, was unable to move and then was approached by two figures that were small, greyish in colour, with large eyes. The boy received telepathic messages from the humanoids and was floated into a craft where he met a figure in red that claimed to be the boy’s father. The boy was then shown a screen depicting the Earth and then led to a room full of children, where he met a woman who took his silver crucifix, telling him, “…it’s not right to worship”. The boy soon passed out and was awoken by his teacher!

In 1954 at Chelsea, Air Marshal Peter Horsley claimed that he’d been invited by a General Martin to the home of a Mrs Markham. However, upon arrival, he was greeted by an extraterrestrial being named Mr Janus who spoke of space travel. When Horsley returned to the apartment, it was empty!

At the time the London Sunday Dispatch described UFOs as, “…bigger than the Atom Bomb wars” with regards to their importance.

By Neil Arnold

Picture taken from watz’s Flickr Photostream.

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