The Saturday Strangeness

Dave Haste
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The Saturday Strangeness

36. London UFOs Part Two

To list every UFO sighting London has ever experienced would be nigh on impossible, so over the next few episodes I’d like to share with you some of the best reports, continuing from last week’s more historical sightings.

After the original ‘scareship’ mystery (see episode 10) in the February of 1934 at Dollis Hill, a married couple watched in amazement as two men wearing caps appeared to be tending to a cylindrical craft situated on the ground. The brave couple decided to approach, but suddenly the craft moved away and there was no sign of the men.

In 1937 at an unnamed location in the capital, but during broad daylight, an eight-year old girl strolling through a meadow encountered a bizarre flying object that hovered above her. Suddenly, a platform descended from the craft and men, dressed in red, emerged and took her on board the ship. The girl noted that the inside of the craft was extremely large which didn’t seem apparent from the outside and that once she was seated in a chair she was faced by a bright light, which in turn enabled her to experience strange visions. After this she was taken in the craft to a large pyramid in an unknown place, and after walking through a dark corridor she emerged back into the meadow where she was picked up!

These two cases are unique examples of close encounters of a historical nature, especially in London, but it would be another decade before the ‘UFO age’ took over, culminating in thousands of worldwide sightings, hysteria, news coverage and government interest.


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