Fashion Students Tart Up The Met

By Lindsey Last edited 132 months ago
Fashion Students Tart Up The Met

The Met might not be happy about their pay right now but they should certainly be pleased to learn that their boring old uniforms are being reviewed by students at the London College of Fashion.

Oh wait, fashion students? Actually, that's probably quite alarming. On their homepage at the moment there's a lime green catsuit, rows of sequins and some silver biker boots. Still, lime green cat suits aren't a million miles away from neon vests....

But, we jest. Of course, the students have been given a strict functional brief and advised on suitable fabrics for active duty and given that the entire police uniform including handcuff pouch, velcro name tag and epaulettes costs just £765 + VAT we doubt that radical changes will be forthcoming from the up and coming fashionistas. Not on the official proposals*, anyway.

The final designs will be presented in September this year.

*London College of Fashion students are welcome to send in their more outlandish interpretations of appropriate policing wear to londonist-at-gmail-dot-com.

Image of male model... sorry, police officer courtesy of Cellach's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 25 January 2008