Sweet Cinema Suite

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Sweet Cinema Suite
Photo courtesy of The Sizemore McCabe Project

It's not difficult to spend money in London as just leaving the house seems to remove a fair amount of cash from the average wallet. But for those with a less than average wallet, it can be a bit of a challenge to spend in a less than average manner. Silly money deserves silly spending after all. Introducing... The Cinema Suite at the newly refurbished InterContinental Hotel, one of many super-deluxe hotels on Hyde Park Corner, available for the silly sum of £3,000 per night.

And what do you get for that? Well, a very nice room for a start, which is the main point of a hotel. Comfortable bed. A few sofas. Nice views of Hyde Park. Marble bathroom. A dining table. And... a six seat cinema with reclining chairs, buckets of Harrods popcorn, a 5ft screen, 250 films and what sounds like a light desk with controls to operate and organise lights up and lights down for those all important mid-film champagne and toilet breaks.

It's an undeniably luxurious and self-indulgent, upscale version of ordering a pizza and arguing about what to borrow from Blockbuster when you and your friends don't fancy going out. But we can't help but feel it's a very lonely and rather uninspired way to blow £3,000 as you can really only treat a maximum of five other friends, and even the most committed cinephile can't work through 250 films in one night. Even taking into consideration all the super-duper technology, the room service and nice furnishings, you're just staying in with some DVDs and a takeaway.

So, inspired by our altruistic friends at the Niceties campaign and the back catalogue of great film events we've reported on over the years, how about treating 170 friends to he best seats in the Odeon Leicester Square? Or book the Royal Box at the Curzon Mayfair 60 times in a row and enjoy lording it over the rest of the audience in the stalls. Or blow that £3,000 on comfy cushions, a fancy picnic hamper and a plush cashmere rug for the summer free screenings around London. Or save your £3,000 and await for the next Secret Cinema...

Last Updated 21 January 2008