Save Westminster Cathedral!

Dean Nicholas
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Save Westminster Cathedral!

Catholicism may be Britain's most popular religion - and have recently claimed a high profile new convert in the form of a certain ex-PM - but faith alone won't save Westminster Cathedral. The mother church of the Roman Catholic community in England and Wales is in need of urgent structural repairs, and Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor has launched an appeal to cobble £3 million together for renovations.

Dating from 1903, the unfinished Byzantine cathedral spires up from amidst the grey faces and glass facades of Victoria, its beautiful 273-ft campanile a prominent marker for miles around. While certainly less famous than its nearby Abbey namesake, it does hold the upper hand by refusing to charge visitors for entry - hence the call for donations.

With 4,000 worshipers piling through the doors each Sunday, we're confident that the sum will be reached and the repair work completed. Or perhaps Tony could divert some of the earnings from that banking job to his new religion?

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Last Updated 18 January 2008