Preview: Resolution! at The Place

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Preview: Resolution! at The Place

Always seeking to bring you new, challenging and unpredictable cultural things to do, here's the first contemporary dance suggestion of the year. Take your chances with brand new dance at Resolution! - The Place's annual season of have-a-go dance heroes trying to make their mark.

That's 117 companies in 7 weeks.

The joy and frustration of Resolution! is that each night's triple bill is pretty much pot luck. You might get something middling to start with, something baffling in the middle and something downright dire at the end. Or any combination of that on any night. It's very difficult to tell in advance as the programme is packed with new dance companies and dancers with new ideas and varying levels of brilliance. There are 3 categories of act on the bill, First Footers (brand new), Evolution (done it before) and Aerowaves (established performers imported from Europe).

The season runs throughout January and February and is refreshingly sparse and radical after all that festive season glitter and comfort. It's also refreshingly cheap with tickets going for a fiver if you book in advance.

To tempt you in, The Place are offering a pair of free tickets to Resolution! for Friday 18 January, for the first of the Aerowaves performances. Simply fill in your details below by next Wednesday, 10 January to enter the draw. The winner will be notified by email.

Go on. We dare you!

For more information and to book tickets, visit the Place website.

Image of Resolutionite Johann Bjorgvinisson by Ari Magg courtesy of The Place.

Last Updated 03 January 2008