Pensioner Jailed For Narnian Fraud Operation

By Lindsey Last edited 133 months ago
Pensioner Jailed For Narnian Fraud Operation
Through the wardrobe

Cunning 65 year old, Jean Hutchison, has been jailed for masterminding a devilish fraud haul in excess of £2.4 million through a devious and extraordinarily well organised benefits scam. If that weren't enough, she did it in a secret HQ fashioned through the back of a wardrobe.

While most of us scrabble around in the mothballs when we're wee, hoping to find a snowscape and Mr Tumnus, Ms Hutchison created her very own criminal Narnia where she scrupulously archived her carefully picked aliases and intelligently invested her ill gotten gains in an investment portfolio for over 10 highly profitable years.

The anti-fraud Minister sounds very pleased with himself for having cracked this scam but we'd just like to reiterate, again, it was running, highly profitably, out the back of a wardrobe for over 10 years. We're wondering if the government aren't missing a trick not sentencing Ms Hutchison to community service in the role of Olympic revenue generator with a target of, oh, I don't know, about £1bn?

Image courtesy of Dunechaser's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 15 January 2008