Mucho Mas VERSUS Tortilla

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Mucho Mas VERSUS Tortilla

Welcome to Versus, where Londonist takes like for like and decides which one is more likeable.

This, our first, VERSUS post pits two Upper Street bean slingers against each other in a no holds barred Lucha Libre fight to the death. In one corner, we have Mucho Mas (27 Upper Street N1 N1 9LQ). In the other, Tortilla (13 Upper Street N1 0PN). Both serve short and incredibly identical lists of efficiently assembled burritos and tacos. The food’s not necessarily bad at either place, just bland (the exact quality that even remotely decent Mexican food is not). We hope the kind folks at Daddy Donkey will forgive us for straying in the name of foodie journalism.

And the winner is … oh who cares? We all know who isn’t crying victory: diners with discerning taste buds.

Last Updated 30 January 2008


I had a veggie burrito at Mucho Mas a few weeks okay. It was decent enough, considering the generally poor state of Mexican food in London. Only thing was that it was about three quid more expensive than it had any right to be.


"Only thing was that it was about three quid more expensive than it had any right to be."

Don't even get me started, Dean.


Every time I go to London I'm on the search for Mexican food...when I was there earlier this month I checked out a newish place that was pretty decent...but in no way compares to the Mexican food we get in San Francisco (or anywhere in California, actually!)

Check it out Wahaca, 66 Chandos Place, WC2N 4HG (020 7240 1883 or


Londonist like Wahaca:


And if you happen to be in reach of its SW London delivery radius (it's in Mortlake) -- by far the best Mexican I've had in London is Mexi Fresh. It was my Mexi-fix whilst I lived there.

Their owners have actually been to Mexico and California - which means they may have eaten at the Baja Fresh chain of which the menu is eerily reminiscent. Not that we're complaining!


I'm not sure I would want my tacos to be eerily reminiscent of anything, but thanks for the tip!


Mucho Mas is a million times better than Tortilla.

Tortilla is the kind of place you'd go to back home (US) because you want something cheap, and don't know where the GOOD cheap Mexican restaurants are. But it's not particularily cheap.

Mucho Mas is like going to Chipoltle Grill. Not quite as consistent but still pretty damn tasty. Nice informal/order at the counter atmosphere. Same prices as Tortilla really, better food.

However the best Mexican restaurants in London are Taqueria on Westbourne Park Road, and Green and Red on Bethnal Green Road in my experience.

Wahaca is good, but you have to know what to order there. I really dislike their burritos for example, but the soft tacos and margaritas are pretty great.


My experience was that Mucho Mas & Tortilla were extremely similar with very little, if any, difference in taste.

Taqueria is okay (I had a yummy, if expensive, breakfast there). You're not the first to rec Green and Red and it's high on my list of places to try.

I really like Wahaca but agree with you about the highs and lows of the menu:

I had a burro from Daddy Donkey yesterday. They still get my vote for one of the best (no matter the food genre!) lunches in town:

Thanks for your comments!