London Olympics Looking for Love

By Julie PH Last edited 130 months ago
London Olympics Looking for Love

Now, stories from the IT world ordinarily don’t do much for Londonist besides make our eyes glaze over. (We’re sorry, IT people, we’re sure you’re lovely, that your jobs are fascinating, and that we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you. It’s just that we can’t understand what you’re saying.) So when we noticed this story about a new website created to help IT companies bid for contracts for the 2012 Olympics, we prepared to settle in for an afternoon snooze. Until we spotted this little gem: apparently, part of the site’s purpose is to act

as a "business dating agency" that will match companies to thousands of opportunities for supplying London 2012 contractors.

And we went all mushy inside. Good for you, London Olympics, we thought, find your soulmate, stop waiting for Cupid and Fate, make love happen – and other unfortunate dating service slogans that we didn’t realise had lodged themselves in our brains.

Now don’t go thinking that this is London Olympics’ ploy to get itself a date for Valentine’s Day and avoid spending the evening home alone with a box of self-bought chocolates and a bottle (or two) of wine. No sir, London 2012 is in this for the long haul – or the next four years, anyway. At the very least, we expect it will be bringing its new partners home to meet its mum (why, the International Olympic Committee, of course).

And given the recent news that IT salaries are on the rise, Londonist might do well to follow the London Olympics’ lead and find ourselves our very own IT honey...

Beautiful, brainy blog skilled in the art of sarcasm seeks strong, silent IT type for long walks on the beach and generous patronage of the arts?

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Last Updated 22 January 2008