Gordon Brown Is Frustratingly Unique

By Lindsey Last edited 133 months ago
Gordon Brown Is Frustratingly Unique

Poor Alison Jackson. It was no problem finding an Elton or a QEII or a pair of Beckhams. There were lookylikeys a plenty lining up to pose in Jackson's compromising and hugely amusing photos and videos. Our new Prime Minister, however, is proving frustratingly difficult to imitate convincingly.

The desperate artist took to London's streets yesterday in a spirited to attempt to pluck a dour Brownalike from the crowds, since hardly anyone had turned up to her open audition calls. But she and her crew drew blanks again.

Why is Gordon Brown so difficult to impersonate? After 6 years on the scout, Jackson claims it's "his total lack of charisma and zest" particularly in comparison to "telegenic" Tony. But we can't help thinking Gordon's very lack of features to take the mickey out of and his solid, nay, even rugged look are actually to his credit. After all, who can think of Blair without seeing a sweaty, gesticulating Rory Bremner?

Image courtesy of Su-Lin's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 22 January 2008