Flatmate sets up CCTV in the shower

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Flatmate sets up CCTV in the shower

Everyone’s had to live with a lousy flatmate before, but this must be one of the worst: a man in Acton has admitted to setting up a camera to spy on his housemates in the shower. Well, it’s certainly more inventive than just not doing the washing-up.

The creepy camera installation was rumbled whilst its perpetrator, 34 year-old carpenter Grzegorz Zdyb, was away on holiday. He lived in the house along with three women and three men, and had gone to a lot of effort to obtain his homemade shower scenes. Investigators followed the camera wire from the shower as it went outside the house, up to Mr Zdyb’s attic room and into a television.

Although he admitted having set up the camera six months earlier, Mr Zdyb claimed he’d never seen anyone in the shower – which, if true, would make him a pretty rubbish peeping tom. But in the end he was given a three-month sentence for voyeurism and will now have to register as a sex offender. And presumably his flatmates have solved the mystery of why recently, even though they’d just had a shower, they always felt a little bit dirty.

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Last Updated 13 January 2008