Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
Terminal 5 excavation site
  • Urban decay is on its way: ‘pashmina-wrapped lemmings’ are fleeing the ‘great termites nest’ that is London for the safety of the suburbs. We find ourselves alarmed not by stories of marauding youth but by metaphors run amok.
  • 2012 British Olympians to enlist? No, but they may do a stint at an army base.
  • After a little soul-searching, St Bart’s clears itself of wrongdoing in a security breach that left confidential medical records scattered over a Hertfordshire street. Don’t blame us, blame the mischievous little papers who clearly decided to walk there themselves.
  • London moves another spin of the wheel toward being a little more bicycle-friendly. Also, a little less smelly.
  • Heathrow’s Terminal 5: for the traveller with discriminating tastes. No fast food here, dahhhling, just Tiffany’s and Prada. Because duty-free liquor is so Terminals 1–4.
  • Image courtesy of Wessex Archaeology's Flickr photostream

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