Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • The weather is just frightful. And likely to stay that way. At least Londonist can wear their new floral wellies.
  • A growing lobby reckon they’d leave London if Boris gets in. Probably a similar lobby to the ones who are saying that they’ll eat their hats if he gets in. This could be fun.
  • Asda get tough on rogue parkers.
  • Rail firms are to pay compensation for all that New Year hassle and delay. Go on – what you waiting for?
  • In a victory for common sense, the Watford footballer threatened with deportation gets to stay.
  • Streatham model agency offering a Maddie lookalike receives death threats. This whole story is too bizarre to take in.
  • Um, it looks like we may not make as much dosh from the Olympics as the government had suggested. You don’t say.
  • Photo courtesy of IanVisits’ flickr stream.

    Last Updated 15 January 2008