Extra, Extra

By Talia Last edited 134 months ago
Extra, Extra

Well, the first day back at work for many of us, and we've all probably not been the most productive ever. So in spite of our shambolic return to regular posting, here's a quick recap of all the stories we would have covered if we didn't just want to crawl back into bed.

  • A week too late for a white Xmas, snow is expected to fall in London tomorrow! That would be all types of amazing.
  • Have you seen Sasha Martin? She's been missing since October.
  • The train chaos will last till at least tomorrow..
  • A bendy bus killed three in Charlton today.
  • And finally ditch your a-z, just get some gloves.
  • Photo taken from Matthew Piper's photostream.

    Last Updated 02 January 2008