Cop Credit Cards Confiscated

By Lindsey Last edited 132 months ago
Cop Credit Cards Confiscated

Seems some naughty police officers have been so busy catching criminals and patrolling the beat lately that they've forgotten to keep track of their credit card receipts. Apparently, more than £1m in "unreconciled expenses"needs to be matched to receipts sending the Metropolitan Police Authority into a tailspin with the auditors.

Of course, a couple of officers have been extremely naughty with the public funds at their disposal via the magic of plastic and an IPCC led investigation is underway. But withdrawing 800 credit cards from the force seems a little drastic for the average copper who leaves their petrol receipt in a uniform pocket when they go in the wash from time to time.

Here we proffer some simple solutions to clamping down on police expenses:

  • All corporate credit cards to be implanted with a talking chip that sings "Money Money Money" by Abba each time it's used to remind the bearer of their public fiscal accountability.
  • All officers bearing credit cards to pass 'Expenses 101' where they learn that whilst buying a grass a burger and a pint at the local boozer for some tasty information might be in the pursuit of legitimate police business, charging up luxury watches, holidays and flatscreen TVs to the boys in blue Amex is going to take a lot of explaining and will probably come back at you with criminal charges attached.
  • Abolish corporate credit cards. All expenses to be paid and claimed for. See whether the top brass then picks Claridges or the local Harvester for entertaining.
  • Image courtesy of Big-E-Mr-G's Flickrstream.

    Last Updated 04 January 2008