Coffee on Gerrard Street?

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Coffee on Gerrard Street?
Coffee Table

If you're looking for the perfect London centrepiece for your lounge then you might be in luck. Cockney Designs are selling a range of coffee tables topped by an authentic London street sign.

The signs are from the City of Westminster and were created by design guru Sir Misha Black. The road names avaliable are constantly changing and rare so if you see one you like, leap on it straight away. You can order them either in street scuffed style or a restored form. Currently up for grabs are the likes of Old Burlington Street, Gerrard Street, Sixth Avenue, Russell Street and Bressenden Street.

Full details and the range of signs are avaliable at Cockney Design and the tables cost £159.

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Last Updated 23 January 2008


I bagged myself the Carlton House Terrace table

The price has since gone up to £190, and is likely to rise further, says the artist.


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an't seem to access the cockney designs website from the link above, any suggestions?