Barack A Hammer?

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 130 months ago
Barack A Hammer?

Another reason (as if one was needed) for Londoners to be interested in the US presidential race: Democratic hopeful Barack Obama has revealed that he is a West Ham fan.

The White House hopeful's love for all things claret 'n blue stems from a visit to England five years ago, when his Kent-dwelling extended family introduced him to the passion of the Boleyn Ground faithful, and he's been hooked ever since. If Londonist recalls correctly, in 2003 the Hammers were enduring a less than happy season that culminated in relegation, so good on Barack for supporting a relative underdog.Quite how this revelation will play in the States, where sissy sports like "saw-ker" are generally mocked beyond junior-high level, will be interesting to see. Perhaps having a Commander-In-Chief who loves the world's most popular game will achieve what Pele, the World Cup and David Beckham failed to do - namely, break it into American mainstream. We can almost picture the scene now. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles sounding out across the US Capitol as the Presidential motorcade approaches on Inauguration Day. Special diplomatic envoys Anton Ferdinand and Lee Bowyer standing proudly with the Prez on the White House lawn. Bobby Moore's bold visage carved into Mount Rushmore.Or perhaps Londonist's just overcome by a little flush of Obamamania. Still, given West Ham's recent success over Arsenal, there's surely hope that he'd be able to do what his predecessor never quite managed and finally track down noted Gooner Osama bin Laden.Image from marcn's Flickrstream

Last Updated 30 January 2008