High School Musical To Hit Hammersmith

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High School Musical To Hit Hammersmith

For over a year now Disney’s hit High School Musical has been pretty much inescapable, spawning two chart-topping soundtracks and launching the career of tween idol Zac Efron. The HSM bandwagon shows no signs of slowing down either, with the legitimate theatre production of the film playing a short stint at London’s Apollo Hammersmith Theatre as of June 30th. This new incarnation is separate from the UK tour, which begins on February 19th in Edinburgh and runs until the end of the year, proving that the nation’s appetite for good-natured cheese isn’t even close to abating.

Stateside, HSM’s success has been nigh-on unstoppable, with US high schools being able to stage their own productions of HSM2 as of October, following numerous amateur productions of the first film. With tours set for Italy and Spain in March, plus a Dutch production starting in November, it looks as if HSM will be with us for some time. And whether it’s the cheesily-hummable hits that get you going or the sight of Zac Efron baring his abs on the cover of Rolling Stone, it looks like you’ve got plenty more coming your way.

By Ben Fowler

Last Updated 28 January 2008