Pigeon Vigil In Trafalgar Square

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Pigeon Vigil In Trafalgar Square

Remember the pigeon feeding turf wars of 2006? Well, the Pigeon Action Group are back in the news. A candlelit vigil was held at midday today on Trafalgar Square's north terrace (in daylight?) to highlight the plight of the poor starving birds.

Westminster City Council closed the loophole that had allowed certain pigeon protestors to feed the birds on a daily basis back in September to make the public square more hygenic and pleasant. Apparently, the pigeons which are too unevolved to think about finding somewhere else to live where people are legally permitted to feed them and Harris hawks aren't trained to kill them.

Previously the PAG had collected 5 pigeon corpses from the popular tourist hotspot and sent them for CSI style analysis where the lab rats had concluded the birds were in "poor bodily condition" and said the "gizzard of all birds was empty".

Not wanting to pooh pooh the PAG but we can't help thinking that most dead pigeons found anywhere in London (and we see quite a few without having to hunt for them) are probably in a pretty mangy condition. And, it follows that if they were in a bad state in their final days, they wouldn't have eaten. So, maybe it is just Darwin's theories in action and survival of the fittest weeding out the weaker of the flock?

Much more fun to make Ken and the Council pigeon murderers, we assume.

Image courtesy of scoobygirl's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 18 December 2007