Pete Doherty Becomes 2012 Medal Hope

By Londonist_ben Last edited 131 months ago
Pete Doherty Becomes 2012 Medal Hope

Pete Doherty wants to run the London marathon.

We're sure many people will sneer at this idea, what with Pete's history of performance restricting drugs, his post-rehab bloatedness, and his jaunty hat, which will have to be held on with an elastic strap if he is to continue to look like a handsome East end libertine/bohemian counter cultural icon/twat* (*delete as appropriate).

However, we welcome his decision to take up exercise. We're sure that he's done more than we have this week. We've eaten 2 boxes of chocolate fingers already.

Who knows, after a bit of exercise, he might scrub up nicely...


You never see them in the same room together do you?

Last Updated 17 December 2007