Parking Ticket Payback

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Parking Ticket Payback

It's a horrible feeling, getting caught by the traffic warden. Your heart just plummets when you return to your car and realise you read the parking restrictions wrong or, in the time it took you to get to your friend's front door to pick up a parking voucher and get back across the street, the damn car's already been ticketed. £60 down a very unfair toilet.

Well, maybe next time you need not feel quite so bad because those lovely people at Which? have found out that over 60% of disputed parking tickets in 2005 were cancelled without a murmur. Their survey across 3 London Boroughs even showed that 50% of disputed tickets were withdrawn without any evidence being provided.

Is this evidence of lazy council administration, an acceptance that London parking restrictions are horridly draconian in places or a genuine show of fellow-feeling and an example of giving people the benefit of the doubt in these cynical times?

Either way, we don't really care, as long as we've got an opportunity to protest our innocence. We appealed against our last tickets (as above) and won, uncontested.

Image courtesy of David Jones' Flickrstream.

Last Updated 21 December 2007