Paddington Bear v. the Home Office

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Paddington Bear v. the Home Office

Paddington Bear is to face depawtation in an all-new book from octogenarian Michael Bond. London’s favourite bear has been hibearnating for 30 years, but has been prodded awake to celebrate his 50th birthday. Harper Collins have even persuaded the original illustrator, 85 year old Peggy Fortnum, to do the front cover

For Paddington Here and Now, Mr. Bond decided he wanted his ursine pal to engage in some upbeat adventures…and Londonist supposes that it doesn’t get much more ‘now’ than being quizzed by immigration officers.

Mind you, what the poor little fellow will make of contempawrary Notting Hill is anybody’s guess: the beautiful, the pure and the terribly well connected moving in syncopation with the deadbeat and the desperate. ‘Please look after this bear’ might melt the heart of millions, but that doesn’t mean it’ll wash if he takes the wrong back alley home. Still, we are sure that Mr. and Mrs. Brown will make sure that he knows not to speak to strange dealers and where to get the best organic marmalade.

Anyway, Londonist is very excited about the whole thing. The thought of the irascible cuddly one having one over on any government official is enough to get us going, but in truth it’ll just be wonderful to get reacquainted with an old childhood friend. Shame we gotta wait ‘til next summer…

Picture courtesy of bluebluewater’s flickr photo stream.

Last Updated 08 December 2007