Oh! O2! What A View!

By Hazel Last edited 174 months ago
Oh! O2! What A View!

Many thanks to our friends at Torontoist who have sent us this link to a fantastic panorama plaything of the 02 centre. Created by Torontoist's panoramaist Tony Makepeace, this wonderful thing was part of his trip to see Led Zeppelin play in our fair city and it's quite a joy to zoom in, swoop about and fly around the venue.

Check it out here.

It's a pleasure and a very nice Christmas gift from our friends in Canada. We'll pick something nice from our Santa's Lap series to send overseas in return. Tony has made other panoramas for Torontoist and these can be found here. Can anyone tell us exactly how this works? Does it involve standing on the spot, turning around with a camera, moving it really slowly in every direction? Is it... magic?

Note: This panoramaist link requires Quicktime so if you don't have it, install it or peer over the shoulder of a friend who does - either way, don't miss out.

Image of the concert inside the 02 centre itself courtesy of Tony Makepeace. Doesn't it look crowded? A whole lotta love indeed.

Last Updated 13 December 2007