Monday Miscellanea

Dave Haste
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Last Updated 17 December 2007

Monday Miscellanea
Pentonville prison

This Week In London’s History

  • Monday17th December 1983: An IRA car bomb explodes near Harrods in Knightsbridge, killing six people (including three police officers) and injuring a further 85 Christmas shoppers.
  • Tuesday18th December 1890: The world’s first ‘deep-level’ electric tube line opens, connecting Stockwell and King William Street. As we mentioned last year, the City & South London Railway would later become a part of the Northern Line as we know it today. Wednesday19th December 1154: King Henry II of England is crowned at Westminster Abbey. Thursday20th December 1909: The distinctive Arding and Hobbs department store near Clapham Junction is destroyed by fire. Having been rebuilt, it is now a branch of Allders. Friday21st December 1842: Pentonville Prison near Islington accepts its first prisoners.

    Random London Fact Of The Week

    According to The London Companion by Jo Swinnerton (one of our favourite sources of London factoids):

    Until 1954, it was forbidden for a building to be taller than the width of the street that it was on, which some ascribe to the fact that Queen Victoria’s view from Buckingham Palace had been obscured by a 14-storey hotel, to her considerable fury. However, the result was that many roads were made wider – hence the vast expanse of roads such as Northumberland Avenue, just a short stroll from the Palace.

    London’s Weather This Week

    The forecasters think that it’s going to get even colder this week. Brrrr. On the positive side, there might be some cracking winter sunshine as the week progresses. Wrap up warm, though.

    Picture of Pentonville Prison taken from psmithson’s Flickr photostream.