Met Police To Tase You, Bro

By Hazel Last edited 134 months ago
Met Police To Tase You, Bro

The Met is expanding its use of Tasers, now permitting non-firearms officers to carry the stun guns. Today is the first day in a trial of increased Taser use; the Met is looking to use them as an alternative in violent situations where guns are not needed.

Tasers work by sending a charge of 50,000 volts through the body of the person they are used on (imagine a static electricity shock that could temporarily paralyse you) and have a range of over six meters. While generally this incapacitates the person, it is possible (though rare) to die from a Taser shock.

While the use of Tasers by the Met will still be fairly limited in number, it’s unlikely to be long before Don’t Tase Me, Bro t-shirts become the hot London fashion, and the phrase "OWWwwww... owwww... owwww" becomes the common cry from the streets.

By Amanda Farah

Last Updated 10 December 2007