London Elects Update 1: Everyone's A Little Bit Racist

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London Elects Update 1: Everyone's A Little Bit Racist

We've not lately delved into what's been bubbling away in the run-up to London's elections next year. So Wilkommen, Bienvenu, Welcome to this new and possibly occasional feature to catch up with what's going on out there. Let's have a rummage and see who's up and who's down:

Mayor Ken fights back in a hefty spat with Evening Standard over a hatchet-job on his race advisor. Standard's tactics are questionable, but the story went on for a damagingly long few days. We like the fact that some poor press officer in City Hall has to maintain a webpage that only exists to refute the latest Standard attack. LONDONIST VIEW? A flesh-wound at this stage, but could be the start of a big campaign against him

Having initially set the election alight, Boris has been pretty quiet for a while. Since his speech at the Tory conference led to an unfortunate criticism by Arnie, his very quietness has become an election issue in its own right. Arnie is scary,but that's no excuse. The quiet ended yesterday in black paper the New Nation with further Race-related criticisms - possibly timed to distract from Ken's problems (see above). Boris responds by putting down a motion in Parliament criticising the BNP. LONDONIST VIEW? Orchestrated blow won't cause much harm now. We want boris to be let out of the bag to generate debate - didn't he once say he wanted to be reincarnated as an olive?

The Lib Dems' Brian Paddick. No real controversy since the Ian Blair storm quietened. LONDONIST VIEW? Not really sure yet. Needs more pizazz - but then he is called 'Brian' - can he not borrow a new name from Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson? He can't possibly need all of those

Sian Berry from the Green party. Interesting tack in her campaign already, of focusing on making London cheaper rather than just greener. Except when it comes to airfares, presumably. She has already scored success on one policy, as every major mayoral candidate (if not the Government) appears opposed to expanding Heathrow. LONDONIST VIEW? She's finding it hard to cut through to get name recognition. Needs something radical or celeb-based to happen. Perhaps she can date David Guest?

UKIP/English Democrats/RESPECT/One London/Christian Alliance/Stop The Congestion Charge Party etc. LONDONIST VIEW? God knows about these (well, God probably does know about the Christian Alliance, although we don't know if he's a fully paid-up party member). Let's see if they get profile in the coming weeks

Stick with Londonist for the best commentary on the UK's main electoral fist-fight in 2008. Only 20 weeks and 2 days left to go.

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Last Updated 11 December 2007