London Becomes Capital Of The World

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London Becomes Capital Of The World

Tell us something we don't know! At last, here's the third-party (well, ish) endorsement for us as the best city on the planet. Deep down we all knew this anyway, but it's nice to be told it.

The Independent carried out a huge survey over months that looked at everything from culture and finance through to population, tourism and transport. They published the results (and a heap of commentary) on their front page, just before christmas. The full expose is at

Excuse us for some americanese, but, frankly, we kicked butt. Big time. New York looks distinctly unhappy in 2nd place - but apparently ALL global cities now cower at our feet, which by default includes all the other urban rivals that have "-ists" here on the city blog network.

Go see for yourself - the data's all online at so go have a rummage - London pipped New York, with Paris a more distant third. Madrid came sixth, Rome ninth and Mexico tenth.

We rock. It's official. How's that for a good end to 2007?

Aerial pic from Feuillu's Flickrstream

Last Updated 27 December 2007

diamond geezer

London's a truly fantastic world destination. We do indeed rock.

But I don't believe that the title "capital of the world" can be officially bestowed by a newspaper based in the city in question, using a well-dodgy statistical survey involving several obscure and very London-biased statistics. Good try, though.


Gee, the Independent found London to be the #1 city.
What a surprise.
Must be true, i read it on the interwebs.


Sorry, gents. Until I read it in the Paris papers' survey, this New Yorker isn't believing the hype for a minute.