EXTREMELY CUTE ANIMAL caught on camera

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EXTREMELY CUTE ANIMAL caught on camera

Scientists from the Zoological Society of London have bagged the first ever wild footage of the long-eared jerboa.

The timid, nocturnal creature can be found, with great difficulty, in the deserts of Mongolia and China. It is now, officially, Londonist's second favourite animal, behind the numbat.

We defy you to watch this footage without grinning like a tomfool.

How cute is that?

Not as cute as this.

Very little is known about the elusive species, although it is thought to be endangered (ear today, gone tomorrow, as the Mirror might put it). ZSL is studying the jerboa as part of its Edge programme, which seeks to learn more about distinctive and endangered animals.

We reckon it’s a close cousin of the rhinogrades.

Last Updated 10 December 2007