Eat. Christmas Pie. Drink. Gingerbread Latte.

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Eat. Christmas Pie. Drink. Gingerbread Latte.

“… Christmas turkey pie from Eat.....mmmm..... pie. Can we have a review of that too please?”

So pled a Londonist reader in that Pret appreciation thread which sparked up in response to our last What's for Lunch? post. Of course, Londonist isn’t against a little pie every once in awhile. Especially Christmas pie. We’re not massive fans of Eat, but (like Pret) the only thing we can really fault ‘em on is their ubiquity. Eat’s roast turkey, cranberry sauce, chestnuts and juniper berries pie is tasty and substantial and a little ‘home for the holidays’ in a box. It’s also an excuse to say you ate juniper berries at lunch. Couple your pie with a gingerbread latte (aka a little ‘home for the holidays’ in a cup) and you’ve got a Yuletide choir singing “Good King Wenceslas” in your mouth.

Eat offers a range of “at Christmas” food and drink. All the items are probably as good as the pie we tried. Eat is also donating 10p to local homeless charities with each “Christmas Full Works” sandwich sold. We suppose that’s worth a mention as well.

Thanks to “gone but not forgotten” Londonist contributor Siany for the seasonal suggestion!

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Last Updated 06 December 2007