A White Christmas? You're Dreaming

By jonathanblack Last edited 186 months ago
A White Christmas? You're Dreaming

Will London see snow this Christmas? With the big day just over a week away, we’re into that sweet spot of UK weather prediction somewhere between educated guess and wild speculation. What better time, then, to round up some of forecasters’ mulled wine-fuelled stabs in the dark?

Unfortunately for those who like a bit of the white stuff on Christmas (insert Winehouse joke here), meteorologists seem to be in a pessimistic mood this year, with predicted chances for snow in London ranging from ‘probably not’ to ‘no’. The folk at MetCheck have rigged up a ‘Snow-o-meter’ that might be a little more fun if it weren’t currently rating London, and every other county in the UK, at a 0% chance of a white Christmas. Over at WeatherOnline, they're giving it a "less than 20%" chance. They reckon southern England will see dry weather on Christmas, but they aren't ruling out snow just yet. Netweather are holding out against Yuletide gloom as well. They think there’s a possibility that the cold will stay but the dry air won’t, so they’re clinging to a 20% likelihood of a white Christmas for London. If you’re hoping to wake up to a crystalline city on the 25th, it’s looking like the chances are practically Tiny Tim-sized.

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Last Updated 16 December 2007