What's for Lunch? Seven Stars

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What's for Lunch? Seven Stars

Londonist asks that most pressing of daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.

Seven Stars

53-54 Carey St WC2A 2JB

Nearest Tube: Chancery Lane, Temple

0207 242 8521

11am-11pm (Monday-Friday)

12pm-11pm (Saturday)

12pm-10:30pm (Sunday)


Expect to Pay: £10 or slightly more for mains

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

This week’s What’s for Lunch? finds us back in the pub. And, considering we’re nestled in and having a scrummy meal across from the Royal Courts in the 400 year old Seven Stars, we feel more than justified to plead our case for a lovely lunch.

Reviewers at Beerintheevening.com may be slightly more interested in the sexual orientation of the Seven Stars staff, but here at Londonist our focus is on what’s really important: Can they cook? The answer is a mouth watering yes, which should come as no surprise; Seven Stars owner Roxy Beaujolais is author of pub cookbook Home From the Inn Contented. Of course, refined pub grub comes at a price and this is not an inexpensive option for lunch. Still, Roxy’s corned beef hash may force you to rethink the banality of such a dish and to realize that we do get what we pay for.

An Elizabethan era pub (which, according to londonbink, actually survived the Great Fire of 1666) that's not stuck in 'ye olde world' with a simple yet gorgeous menu and all sorts of fancy, upper crust convos and drunken legalese floating through the air … and, oh yeah, a bar cat wearing a funny collar? Justice is served.

Photography courtesy of Betsian's photostream on Flickr.

Last Updated 06 November 2007