Superbugs Increase Locally, Decrease Nationally

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Superbugs Increase Locally, Decrease Nationally

St George’s Hospital has reported over 100 deaths from hospital superbugs. 116 people have died from MRSA and Clostridium difficile at the Tooting hospital in the last four years.

The report comes on the coattails of St George’s clinical rating being lowered from 'good' to 'fair'; an adjustment influenced largely by the hospital’s failure to combat the superbugs.

These figures were released the same day that the NHS reported a 10% decrease in MRSA and a 7% decrease in C diff cases between April and June this year.

Both are potentially lethal bacteria that show resistance to conventional treatments. They primarily affect the elderly and very young, as well as those with immune systems weakened by illness or surgery. Look at the little blighters, look, there at the top of the post. Just hanging around, all innocent-like, as though butter wouldn't melt in their mesosomes.

It was recently reported that allicin, which occurs naturally in garlic, might be a useful weapon against the bug.

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Last Updated 01 November 2007