Pizza Dough Rome At Museum Of London

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Pizza Dough Rome At Museum Of London

Poperoni with extra hat, a stuffed crust Coliseum and spicy deep pan Spanish Steps: we don't see these at our usual pizza place. It seems you have to go to The Museum of London for these special items, as it has some new additions in its collection of Roman artefacts. They look good enough to eat. In fact, they are edible. Sculptures of the Pope, the Coliseum and the Spanish Steps are on exhibition right now. And they're made of pizza.

Experimental food artist Prudence Emma Staite has used a third of a tonne of Pizza Express pizza dough to create the Roman icons, through 300 hours of labour over a clean work surface lightly dusted with plain flour. Inspired by a meal at her local Pizza Express, Staite decided to try some sculpting with the restaurant chain's pizza at home and created life-like replicas that pleased Pizza Express so much, they got in touch with the Museum of London.

The Museum of London will exhibit the Roman pizza sculptures from now until 14 November and entry is free to see these lip-smacking creations though we hear you don't get free doughballs or salad. The Pope is a life-size bust, the Spanish Steps have all 138 steps accurately placed and the Coliseum has exactly the same number of arches as the real one. Now that is real dedication to playing with your food.

Roman Icons at the Museum of London, until 14 November, free. For more information go to the Museum's website here.

Last Updated 08 November 2007