Rockin Rollers Recruiting Now

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Rockin Rollers Recruiting Now

We're all about rolling today. From 2 wheels to 4: London ladies listen up! Do you look good in fishnets? Have you a barely repressed aggressive streak? Want to get fit? If so, we might have found your ideal sporting hobby. Rockin Rollers want to rock with you!

The sport is roller derby made famous by the 70s film Rollerball. 2 all-women teams skate furiously around an oval track and try and knock each other over, in this case, whilst trying to look sexy.

Clearly there are risks involved but we can't help admiring this gutsy bunch of rollerbabes who gather in a school hall in Chalk Farm each week to knock seven shades of shit out of each other. If they're still standing at the end of the training session, they're also keeping incredibly fit.

If you're interested but a bit scared perhaps you could go along to their fundraiser (presumably to keep them in knee pads and cold compresses) on Friday 30th November at the Bullet in Kentish Town to find out more. Blokes are not excluded neither. If you're "hoodlum" inclined there could be a job for you refereeing, mc-ing, photographing or generally helping out at events.... we think first aid training could be a distinct advantage.

Visit London Rockin Rollers' myspace page for more information.

Last Updated 16 November 2007