Qype Competition: Free Travel

By Hazel Last edited 183 months ago
Qype Competition: Free Travel

London is still the most expensive city in the world as far as public transport is concerned so it's always nice when someone comes along and offers to pay your Oyster Card for a whole month!

The good people over at the local review site Qype.com just told us about their fab new competition that gives you the chance to travel London for free, for the whole of January (when everyone's skint anyway).

We like Qype (it's pronounced kwype, in case you were wondering) because it's good for newcomers as well as old-handers who want to squeeze the most out of their city, and it's definitely worth having a look at what's new in their London section. They've got themselves a great community which means they have some really useful stuff on there (after only two minutes zipping around the reviews gave us pause for thought and a distinct mistrust of a certain hairdresser!).

All you have to do to enter their Oyster competition is click a button on the Qype Facebook page to become a fan of the site and they'll enter you into the prize draw. On Christmas day they'll put all the names into hat and every 100th name pulled out of gets a months worth of free Oyster goodness!

So if you want to increase the chances of getting something you really want for the festive season, get clicking.

Last Updated 28 November 2007