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O2, it seems, are cornering the market in progressive mobile gadegtry, already having the monopoly on the shiny smart iPhone and now the pilot phase OyPhone.

Sorry, "Oyster Wallet" is the much more sensible and meaningless name for TfL's latest technology wheeze which puts your travelcard in your mobile phone and today, 500 Oyster users begin trialling the Nokia 6131 handsets with Oyster embedded. Barclaycard are also in on the trial, charging up the Oyster Wallet with £200 worth of credit so that they can be trialled as "cashless payment tools" too.

Whilst function consolidation looks sleek and sexy on the iPhone with mobile phone, personal organiser, iPod and internet all packed lusciously together in near perfect harmony, we're a bit freaked out by the concept of consolidating all the things that help us get through a drunken night out in one, smashable, nickable, losable mobile phone shaped package. Being phoneless will not only mean yet another Facebook group asking for numbers but, a thousand times worse, no bus fare home! This is serious indeed, TfL.

However, for those of you out there who like having everything in one place, you can get ahead of the game with our featured Blue Peter style solution.

Genius image courtesy of chrismear's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 29 November 2007