Londonist Weekend Round-up:

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Londonist Weekend Round-up:

Here’s what we’ve learned while you lot have been out, up and away with the fireworks:

  • The Polish Prime Minister is to make a personal visit to Ealing to thank his, er, voters…
  • The police have sneaked out a discreet Sunday press release about the obscene amounts of money they have spent on PR for PCSOs.
  • Forget gang-on-gang violence... howzabout octogenarian on octogenarian murder?
  • The University of Surrey is to build a hip and happening multifaith centre near
  • Guildford.

    Londonist never quite understands how this happens, but the roof of a bus has been ripped off by a wayward bridge in Kentish Town.

    And our forecast for next week…

  • Sharon O will pop up on Chicago, just as…
  • Kelly O appears on the X factor, just as…

    Ozzy O cancels the rest of his tour.

    There will be so much will he or won’t he debate about (Sir Ian) Blair that we’ll all be heartily sick of it by the end of the week….
  • But we’ll all be smiley for most of the week on account of the crisp sunny weather, and the fact that secretly we like hearing those first Christmas songs blared over the tannoy…
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    Last Updated 04 November 2007