Londonist Internet Itinerary

Dave Haste
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Londonist Internet Itinerary
Tube tie

For my first post to the Londonist I had several interesting digital maps, too many in fact to fit in, so here are a few I had left over.

First up it's a city guide, nothing that new but tries to create a USP by using your moods. Click on the coloured grid to show your feelings and let the site do the rest, an interesting idea.

London Transport has a problem with wild animals roaming the underground, another modern myth or just a cute idea from Using only the standard tube map, how many crazy creatures can you find?

I've lived in London for well over ten years so my local knowledge is pretty good, but what if you're a newcomer or a tourist... could be the answer. Basically a social network where you can share your knowledge of great places to eat, drink or just hang out. Another similar site...… does the same thing, but feels a little more friendly to me, so I logged in and bigged up my local Indian restaurant.

OK, one for the road... for me one of the most interesting features of London is its history, that's why this gets a mention. Ye Olde Google maps maybe?

Wow that's it for now, how time flies... and this is my penultimate post, so I hope you have liked them so far. Enjoy London.

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