LO, It Came To Pass

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LO, It Came To Pass

London Overground (LO) begins operations today. The new service takes over where Silverlink left off (we'll leave you to decide which particular circle of Hell that is). The stations and trains are now owned by Transport for London, with services operated by London Overground Rail Operations Limited.

Practically speaking, this translates as follows:

- Oyster cards now work on the benighted routes.

- The Tube map has a new look.

- All stations staffed during all operational hours.

And better times are ahead.

- 2008: 44 new trains introduced.

- 2010: Extended East London Line joins the remit of LO, but is not yet connected to existing rails.

- 2011: Link up of former Silverlink tracks with the East London Line.

Lest the news appear too optimistic, the BBC balance with a quote from Bob Crow - the man who can find 18 separate health and safety issues per cubic metre of air.

"We believe that safety will be undermined by unnecessary fragmentation, with two organisations responsible for signalling, two for infrastructure maintenance, two for infrastructure renewals, one for train and station operations and another for train maintenance."

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