Lee - a laughing matter

By Jemimah Steinfeld Last edited 198 months ago

Last Updated 15 November 2007

Lee - a laughing matter

rsz_stewart%20lee.jpgBlues skies aside, winter is upon us - the halcyon days of summer a distant memory; thermals and visible breath a present reality. Therefore what better way to raise darkened spirits during these darkened days than going to the comedy and loosing yourself in laughter? We at Londonist certainly think this is a great plan (we’ve been on a not-so-secret comedy revival mission for years), and good news for us, Stewart Lee is playing at the Soho Theatre from now until 23rd December.

So, on the chilled evening of yesterday, we snapped up some tickets and headed Soho side.

Entitled “The 41st Best Stand-Up Ever,” a reference to this year’s Channel 4 list of the best all time stand-ups, Lee’s performance was not of the gag-a-minute variety. Indeed, there were moments – during protracted pauses - when we suspected Lee was trying to drag it all out. However, when Lee got into it, he really got into, throwing himself onto the floor, storming up the stairs, it's a wonder he is not too bruised to regularly perform. He was certainly onto a winner during his tribute to the Big Brother racism scandal and his weight watchers anecdotes, both particularly amusing coming from a man who more closely resembles a football hooligan than a civil rights activist. We only wish there had been more of these moments.

Still, with tickets costing little more than a trip to the cinema, it was a fun/funny night out and one that comedy enthusiasts should enjoy.

Stewart Lee, "41st Best Stand-Up Ever," Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street W1D 3NE. Box Office: 0870 429 6883. Tickets priced from £12.50.

Picture courtesy of Mc-Q's flickr photostream