Kingfishers Say Canal's OK

By Lindsey Last edited 195 months ago
Kingfishers Say Canal's OK

A survey of watery wildlife carried out this summer by British Waterways and enthusiastic public twitchers and nature lovers has confirmed that the flamboyant kingfisher is thriving in Regents Canal.

Excellently, to make the canal an even better home for our birds, British Waterways are planning habitat improvement projects for Regents Canal including the installation of kingfisher boxes and tunnels (for them to nest in, rather than create their own underground network) and posts for them to perch on and dive from.

We've generally regard Regents Canal as a murky, litter strewn waterway ideal for dumping dead bodies in but the kingfisher is, in fact, a discerning avian sitting at the top of the foodchain and a sure sign of good water quality and a healthy ecosystem. Unless they've all ingested skunk from hanging out in Camden waters and now eat anything, including burgers and old shoes. If not, then Regents Canal is truly a bona fide "wildlife corridor" for London.

Click here for the full Wildlife Survey results including many otters, bats, foxes and mink plus one alligator snapping turtle.

Image courtesy of stfbfc's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 20 November 2007