City Lawyers Should Share Debilitating Wealth

By Hazel Last edited 134 months ago
City Lawyers Should Share Debilitating Wealth

File this one under the ‘Huh, you don’t say’ department: A recent report by legal recruitment specialists Hughes-Castell has found that City lawyers are raking in big paycheques. Average starting salaries for new solicitors have for the first time climbed above £60,000. And of course, although that means that some newly minted lawyers are making less than £60,000, it also means that others are making more - with some firms paying as much as £90,000 per annum.

A £90,000 starting salary? Really? We were shocked ourselves. So shocked, in fact, that we’re rethinking this whole blogging gig. That’s right, dear readers. You heard it here (where else?) first: Londonist is going to law school! Farewell, blogosphere!

But wait! Then we read about the debilitating effects of too much money on the super-rich and decided that maybe our plans were made a bit too hastily. Symptoms of inordinate income apparently include ennui, loneliness, and a terrifying inability to refrain from continually upgrading the size of one’s yacht. Why, the disease even has a name: Wealth Fatigue Syndrome, or WFS, the very name of which sends shivers up and down our spines. Poor rich people! To innoculate us all against the dangers of the disease, we suggest that City lawyers and others bound for the highest income bracket spread their wealth around - become patrons of the arts, perhaps? We could recommend a deserving little blog to support.

Any takers? No? Ah well, we have our love to keep us warm at night.

By Julie Palmer-Hoffman

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Last Updated 19 November 2007