Breaking News: Fire In East London

By Hazel Last edited 136 months ago
Breaking News: Fire In East London

Huge clouds of smoke can be seen over Bow, east London, visible from as far as Queen's Park. A disused warehouse on Waterden Road has caught fire and according to the news emerging right now, there are 15 fire engines and between 40 and 75 firefighters attending it. Waterden Road passes through the Olympic site and as you can imagine, people are anxious but remaining calm. The smoke cloud is drifting southwards towards Canary Wharf and City Airport but is not affecting air travel at the moment. The North London Line between Dalston and Stratford has closed.

The BBC report is here. The London Fire Service report is here.

On the ground here in Bow, there are sounds of helicopters in the sky and lots of sirens as emergency services rush to the scene. We will update the situation as we receive news.

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Last Updated 12 November 2007