Olympic Rejuvenation Plans Threatened

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Olympic Rejuvenation Plans Threatened

The 2012 Olympic Games may seem a long way off, but the pressure is starting to mount on the proposed developments for East London. In addition to building a shiny new


, the Olympics is meant to be an opportunity to provide more jobs, improved transport, and 9,000 new homes (of which half will be low-cost).

While the Overground is now servicing Stratford and due to hook up to the East London Line in time, it has yet to be determined where exactly all of this new housing is going up. According to Dr Iain McRury of the London East Research Institute, if the details for the East End renewal aren't worked out within the next six months, there might not be enough time to execute the plans at all.

Since Alison Nimmo of the Olympic Delivery Authority is stressing how important the input of the public is for the regeneration process is, it would be really lame if the whole project fell through. Or maybe


By Amanda Farah

Photo of picturesque Stratford courtesy of get down's Flickrstream.

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