Beatles In Elvis's Basement Avoid Exterminator

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Beatles In Elvis's Basement Avoid Exterminator

Music, as Bono, Geldof, Martin or any of the members of Screwdriver will tell you, is a tool for peace and harmony. Selling memorabilia, on the other hand, would seem to be the domain of scrapping dogs, hound-like or otherwise.

But now we hear that the owners of Elvisly Yours and The London Beatles Shop have settled their differences in a flurry of cheesy song references.*

Story goes like this: Beatles guy (Howard Cohen) and Elvis guy (Sid Shaw) share a lease on their next-door Baker Street stores. Beatles guy opens a museum in Elvis' basement. Elvis guy later wants the basement back. Recrimination and court proceedings ensue. There's more and if you really, truly care about such gubbins then the D***y M**l has another searing in-depth analysis. And pictures.

Thankfully the judge suggested the matter be settled out of court, possibly to avoid having to endure the Elvis impersonator Shaw had brought in as a witness. No-one knows the details of the settlement due to a confidentiality agreement but Cohen's Beatles museum is now across the street and Shaw will be launching an Elvis karaoke bus service from his basement after all. Hooray!


“ain’t nothing but a hounddog and he ain’t no friend of mine.” (Shaw on Cohen)

“All you need is love, man,” (Cohen)

“Yes, we can work it out,” (Cohen)

"perhaps Mr Cohen is all shook up. " (Shaw)

"Hopefully now he'll let it be." (Shaw)

Image taken from MagIcReBirth's flickr photostream

Last Updated 24 October 2007