Spidermum Returns

By Lindsey Last edited 137 months ago
Spidermum Returns

No, it's not some 'attack of the giant cathedral eating spiders' B-movie filmset but the return of Maman, the giant spider sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, which originally stalked the Turbine Hall when Tate Modern opened in 2000.

Bourgeois herself is now 95 and, given that much of her work is based on introspection, nostalgia, the exploration of her psyche and her parents (the spider, Maman, is of course a tribute to her mother) this is an incredible retrospective of a living artist who continues to defy convention.

The Louise Bourgeois exhibition opens at Tate Modern on 10 October and runs until 20 January 2008.

Image courtesy of lewishamdreamer's Flickrstream.

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