No Refunds For September Tube Strikes

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No Refunds For September Tube Strikes

Londonist is slightly 'emotional' after attempting to obtain a refund or ticket extension for the period of Bob Crow’s September ego-led strike action. London Underground are not paying out refunds for the September strike period even though they have happily taken scads of cash on prepaid travel (weekly/monthly/yearly etc) cards. They usually offer a 'good will gesture' refund during strike action because it is London Underground themselves who go out on strike. In this instance though, it seems they have run out of good will and are more than happy to take money for a service they could not provide.

In the interest of disgruntled Tube passengers across London who might wish to write to London Underground expressing their displeasure about the prepaid ticket policy in relation to strike refunds, here is the address below:

Mr Tim O'Toole, Managing Director, London Underground, 55 Broadway, London, SW1H 0BD

Assuming the posties aren't on strike too.

If you disagreed with the maintenance strike in the first place, there's a slightly naff Boycott Bob Crow petition that aims to disrupt the union leader's life as much as possible.

Last Updated 23 October 2007