Movie Dogs Immortalised In Battersea Park

By Lindsey Last edited 198 months ago
Movie Dogs Immortalised In Battersea Park

Think Battersea and think Dogs Home. Or Power Station. Well, the Kennel Club and Sky Movies are about to change that by making Battersea Park home of the world's first Dog Walk of Fame.

We're not quite sure why. The Kennel Club secretary says that the move "promotes the importance of dogs within our lives" but we think it's more about promoting the annual Discover Dogs show coming up in November and the sponsor/tie-in Sky Movies season of doggie movies over the same weekend. Yes, Battersea Park is a popular dog walking space but why anyone feels the need to give some fictional dogs permanent plaques in a local park is beyond us.

Hovever, here comes the audience participation bit. You can, of course, vote for your favourite movie pooches to be included. Just 6 legendary dogs will be commemorated in the inaugural ceremony on 5 November (ironic, seeing as dogs really don't like bonfire night). The shortlist includes 2 dogstars already immortalised in the Hollywood Walk of Fame: Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, plus other obvious favourites, Toto, Pongo and Perdita and Greyfriars Bobby. Vote here, filmic doglovers.

The Dog Walk of Fame will be revealed on 5 November in Battersea Park. Discover Dogs is at Earls Court on 10-11 November and watch out for dog movies on Sky that weekend if you really must.

Image courtesy of SMN's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 19 October 2007